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Social Media Engagement – How to Put a Ring on Your Customer’s Finger

September 14, 2017
Social Media Engagement blog

When it comes to Social Media, the buzzword at the moment is engagement. Everyone wants to know how to get their darned followers to engage more on their social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and others. Furthermore, businesses and entrepreneurs want to know how to turn followers into buyers.

Here are a few simple tips to start getting more user engagement, with the aim of getting your followers to start talking back to you:

  • Ask a question – ask your followers to answer a question or tell you something. What’s your favourite XYZ? Why do you like ABC? Who is going to 123? People love to share their opinions and experiences.
  • Poll – getting people to vote works wonders, why do you think American Idol lasted so long?
  • Share news – don’t hog interesting titbits of info about your industry or related industry news, rather share articles or blogs with your followers and set yourself up as a source of good information.
  • Pics & Tags – turn followers into fans by asking them to tag themselves doing something cool or interesting related to your business. Don’t forget to create a #hashtag for your business. Everyone loves a good pic of themselves at your concert, eating your cake, or at your salon.
  • Make people smile – there’s a reason why good news travels fast, people want to be happy and feel good. Share content that makes your followers happy, or makes them feel inspired. It will be more likely to get shared or engaged with than negative or sad stuff.
  • Give Stuff Away – competitions and giveaways are a sure way to get user engagement. Ask them to do something for you in order to win though, like share a post, like a page, or tag a friend in a comment – always include a call to action.

Getting engagement across social media platforms starts with beginning to understand what your users or followers want. It ends with a bit planning and strategy on your side.

If you’re a small business owner or budding entrepreneur and want to know more about how to make social media work for you, get in touch with Beyond Copywriting on Facebook or via our Website today.

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