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Eliminate, reduce and embrace! 35 here I come…

November 29, 2015

I turn 35 in a few months – 35!….  What dawned on me the other day is that I have spent the better part of those years repeating the same thing over and over again – and by that I mean yo-yo dieting!  What sparked the thought was that I found a whole bunch of diaries that I have started and never finished, all of them beginning somehow with how miserably unhappy I am with my body and how “this time I have to change”.. I write for a few months, and maybe even loose weight, but inevitably the writing stops and so does the weight-loss.

So without boring you with the details of my flawed psychology.. I have decided to take a new approach by actually addressing my relationship with food thanks to some amazing help.  But daily, I have decided to approach weight-loss differently too – Instead of saying NO this and NONE of that, I am choosing to eliminate, reduce and embrace rather.  This experience needs to be positive and empowering instead of restrictive and punishing..  It’s going to be a bit of clean living for me for a while.  Here is the inspiration I wrote on my bedroom cupboard to wake up to every morning
May I just add.. The inspiration for this change is two fold.  Simply put, having a baby.  We have been struggling with infertility and are getting help from the kindest and most specialized people we can.  It’s been a very very difficult year with some bad news along the way.  My response to this has been to punish myself emotionally and as a result I am at the heaviest I have ever been.  This of course is not helping my body cope or perform as it should, I am sure.  It’s time to stop, to get off the emotional roller-coaster and be as healthy and as loving to my body as I can, so that it can respond in kind to me.  Plus, my good friend, Abbi, has inspired my by losing over 30kgs recently and she is looking and feeling fabulous! She started her journey, finished it, and got the t-shirt.  She didn’t fart-arse around for the better part of 35 years starting and never finishing.
So this is it, here I am.. rolls and all…  Send me your stories, would love to hear them…

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