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World, meet Nelson

June 29, 2015

It’s official, we’ve adopted!  He is a black kitty-cat, with piercing green eyes and a feisty personality called Nelson!

I have to admit something – slightly ashamedly I might add – that I’ve become one of those people who refer to their pets as ‘furbabies’ or ‘furkids’!  I can’t help it dammit!  When talking to Nelson (because he can understand me after all..) I might even go as far as to refer to hubby as Dad…  Or say something utterly dorky like”come here and give mommy a cuddle”..

It’s embarrassing I know, but I really can’t help it.  In the short three weeks he has been in our lives, I can’t tell you have much fun and laughter he has brought to our little home.  Not to mention multiple hand scratches, 3am-purring-in-your-ear sessions, and the hugest, stinkiest poops I have ever seen.

Also, I didn’t think my hubby could get more gorgeous, until I saw him with Nelson..Playing, laughing, cuddling .. I can watch them together for hours..

After all though, who could resist this little face?… And who wouldn’t want him to be your baby?

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