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A sad day for democracy….

February 12, 2015

To quote Radio 702 this morning, it truly is a sad day for democracy.  Besides the circus that was the evicting and walking out of opposition parties, besides the refusal of our publicly-elected leaders to answer simple questions, besides the contravening of our Constitution by allowing SAPS members into parliament, besides the fact that our clown of a president pronounces the word ‘fatal’ as ‘futtal’ (just to name one of many grammatical errors he made last night), besides alllll of this, the scariest and most infuriating part was the ANC’s attempt to stop freedom of speech!

The jamming of cellphone signals in parliament was a blatant attempt at shutting down the public and the world’s right to know! How dare they try and silence the media who are the the eyes and ears of the public!  What are you trying to hide?  Not to mention the ONE camera in the house which did not move off the Madam Speakers to show us the violations going on around her.  What are you trying to do Zuma – create a ‘Mugabe’ state where the public will be forced to where blindfolds and our journalists’ lips will be sealed?  I am the biggest advocate for this beautiful land of ours, but dammit this ANC government is making it harder and harder to advocate for!  I, for one, will not allow them to rape our freedoms and silence our journalists.  I will not allow President Zuma, and his ineffective cronies, to take this beautiful country down with them!

I thought of our beloved Madiba.   What would he have thought?  I secretly hoped he was in heaven playing chess with Gandhi, having a cup of tea together.  However, I know he was watching.  He saw the blatant severing of our democracy, the democracy he suffered so much for and worked so hard to  create.  And, with his head in his hands, he must have shed a tear and cried out, “what a sad day for democracy.”

I am not a religious person, I don’t favour one church over another.  But today, as I ran in my church of nature, I looked up at the sunrise and I prayed.  I prayed for salvation for our little country, I prayed for help for our leaders, and I prayed for some kind of positive light to shine brightly at the end of our seemingly far away, dark tunnel.

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